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Bug – Driver logs are deleted each start-up. Digital status tag is now working. This functionality was introduced in driver version 3. I know what its like mate, sometimes we make silly mistakes when commissioning and under a bit of presure. The driver stops to poll the device because the fixed max session timeout was reached before completing the polling. DLL in the Citect bin directory and right click properties and then details tab will have the version. The driver now tries and locates the preferred log folder based on the information provided by drvutils.

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Just had a look a driver release notes and probably need version 3. Bug – Changing the default value abclx MaxBackendQueue parameter. Bug – Under certain conditions, abclx array reads may fail. Abclx you are running the driver on a version of [product name] prior to v7. This is good engineering practice with any Citect project as it allows Citect to create requests by blocking the same abclx types within an IO Device together.

As part of abclx release the following abclx have been made to the driver: Between driver versions abclx. Bug – Status tag doesn’t work.

The MultiServiceRequest class should not send packets that abclx have a encapsulation length longer abclx bytes. Bugs – ‘Writes to digital array tag fail with “invalid buffer offset for digital write request”‘ has been fixed.

Changes to timestamp format of driver log entries. If that fails then as a fall back procedure it tries and writes the files at the old location. Bug – Algorithm in FindTag PLCDatabase class does abclx pickup case where structure is array size 1, acblx user does not define array brackets.

RDB timestamp is different wbclx the variable.

String value compairison failure due abclx using the string buffer length rather abclx string length. This release is functionally identical to v3.

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abclx The block optimisation has been abclx to provide more efficient agclx of boolean structure members, resulting in fewer optimised blocks. A situation where a device could come online without abclx the status tag condition has been fixed.

Porting the driver to use abclx new DriverRuntimeInterface library. Four issues are resolved in this build.

As part abclx ongoing development work for bug the following driver modification have been made: Data[0], seeing the a[0] as a! Fixed a race condition in Forward Open session number abclx.

Abclx critical section has been added prior to each forwardOpenRequest to ensure uniqueness. The tag resolving process has been moved from the front-end abclx back-end threads to abxlx unit initialisation blocking the main Citect thread. GetUnitFilter to use find instead of findfirst.

Abclx PLC structure could be confused with the boolean datatype. Pre-defined return a tag size of 0, resulting in tag not being subscribed. Abclx read support is abclx from this build. This build of the ABCLX driver includes the following changes since the last public release build v3.

It may be your issue but best to check everything else as well. There abclx a few compatability issues ablcx about firmware 19 from abclx but latest driver has them resolved. The forward opens driver statistic now updates abcpx abclx the connections are full established. Resolved edge case of null program handle – ensure abclx this did not get confused with root tags. Run the Citect system and enter the kernel. Bug – Under certain conditions array reads may fail.

This change resolves abclx