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Seems to also work on Arnova 8. Only softroot z4root neccessary, you have that already. It was like there was some program causing the ext3 cache filesystem to become corrupt. How I can modify to work in 7c? Sat Jan 08, 3: The firmware looks very good. How do I prevent this error?

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I have Virtualbox on my Mac. I see if I can find a windows cd “somewhere”.

How to create a custom rom for the A7HT Version 2 (RK) – 01

I follow you explanation, but I x7ht understand. Log in to leave a comment. This site uses cookies: I very need working Archos a7ht rk2818 Market! This occurred a lot when changing partition sizes, but also occurred with stock partition sizes.

Archos A7HT RK2818 Drivers

Or does it absolutely have to be ? You should be able to flash again the stock rom, use the Archo firmware option from the boot menu.

One way to test that is to read the archoos partition after it is flashed and see if it is the same image. Sat Jan 08, 9: I did get that unencrypted system. It was like there was some archoe causing the ext3 cache filesystem to become corrupt. I tried to analyze the differences between that one and my custom rom but could archos a7ht rk2818 find it.

Please, please, release archos a7ht rk2818 custom CM7 rom!

Thanks to the writers naobsd wrote: The archos a7ht rk2818 10b capacitive will not be supported. As the mtd setup is just a sequence rk28118 ram locations well flash rk818archos a7ht rk2818 is possible that a bad reference is corrupting the cache partition when it is accessed, same way you used to get cross links a lot in early operating systems without memory protection, the pointer to the next block of a file is not being read as it was saved and goes elsewhere, or it was saved with bad info.

Archos a7ht rk2818 have just bought a new computer or someone gives you a laptop as a gift? Some archoe is in the source for recovery, it’s either in the Archos source or the google source, can’t recall, but may not fully apply since the version of Archos recovery has some changes. Current port status and limitations: There are important limitations that are show stopper, such as no video hardware playback or impossibility to flash back another firmware without the use of Rockchip flashing tools.

Archos a7ht rk2818 Jan 05, You will have to wait a bit, until a firmware is released. Only this file prevents the boot on V1, just replace it with that of 2. I wonder if there are issues when it gets written to the system partition, what happens when it archos a7ht rk2818 bad blocks, there is code in the recovery program that seems to be targeting avoiding bad blocks it is using a version of the mtd tools rl2818but arvhos block sizes seem different than what Archos is using, at least with version one, could be a bug there.

After resetting it holding reset for secondsI could switch it on again. R,2818 build my custom rom based on the google apps that were incorporated in the Android 2.

CyanogenMod 7 Android (Gingerbread) port for Archos 7HTv2 and Arnova tablets | ARCTABLET NEWS

A few minor issues, but I think that it shouldnt be long before these are fixed… heck I could probably fix fk2818 myself and release a ROM if it were legal. I did read that one and also this one. My first attempt to flash my A7HTV2 with my own custom rom failed.

To recreate the images make sure you add the crc back on as ah7t last 4 bytes, there is a source file for rkcrc. Last edited by birdiebnl on Wed Jan 05, 8: That would help to offer a archos a7ht rk2818 Android 2.

As the unencrypted dd dump was MB based on the partitions offset, I assumed that the 54 Archos a7ht rk2818, compared to the original 47MB, would easily fit. After flashing cm7 worked fine but i forgott to integrate google apps. I just got this last week. It will keep retrying.