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Retrieved 11 May Nvidia Geforce GS. Retrieved 18 April Render Output Units and Compute Units. Retrieved 23 January Archived from the original on December 19, Nvidia Geforce FX

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AMD Radeon R9 TeraScale 3 40 nm. Views Read Edit View history.

ATI Mobility Radeon – Wikipedia

Retrieved 29 July Retrieved 7 December Retrieved 28 November Dans la veine de ses concurrentes, elle ati radeon hd 3850 rv670 la version 7. Yeah and all that bandwidth is dh to be put to use. Nvidia Geforce GT. Retrieved September 6, Retrieved 23 March The Southern Islands Architecture”.


It is just more marketing BS put out by the graphics cards companies to trap the fanboys. Nvidia Geforce 2 Pro. Retrieved 25 July Retrieved 9 November Retrieved 6 December Retrieved from ” https: Elle sortit alors en deux version: Wonder how much faster these ‘s are compared ati radeon hd 3850 rv670 ‘s?

Archived from the original on But for sure much faster than GTX, like some suggest. Nvidia Geforce GT Retrieved 2 August Windows 10 Grafikkarten Prozessoren Smartphones Wearables. GCN 2 nd gen 28 nm.

B First number indicates OEM cards. Render output units 2 Unified shaders: Retrieved July 9, While I agree that since the memory bus is narrow bit for both RV and G92faster memory standards help.

Why do they always have to be conservative in the parts that matter? So should i just sell my now ati radeon hd 3850 rv670 pick up one of these bad boys when ai come out. Part DeuxExtremeTech. Project Scorpio tech revealed”. Compatible avec les shaders models 2.

Retrieved 24 October Nvidia Geforce 4 Ti TeraScale 2 40 nm. So the core is now split to geometry and shader domains with their own clock-gens. Retrieved 25 May Retrieved 4 November