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Sign up using Email and Password. Covered by US Patent. The “spid change” is probably the result of a non-closed cursor. Check out more tips and tricks in this development video: Using SQL Server Profiler I clearly see that there’s a new audit login and a new spid, but we do not attempt to connect to the server again from our code.

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Note that if you plan bde odbc set this to True in order to get updateable result bde odbc, you should have a unique index built on the table you are querying. This site uses cookies to deliver our services and to bd you relevant ads and job listings. Next select the default ODBC driver. By clicking you agree to the Terms of Bde odbc and Privacy Policy. To solve this problem you have to find osbc BDE-component that caused this stil-opened cursor.

Configuration of an ODBC Driver with BDE v3.5 and less

Sign up with LinkedIn. From the resulting Alias Manager dialog, select New. This can slow down performance if multiple SQL statements are to be executed.

In order for the BDE to use this option, though, the table being edited must have an existing unique index which bde odbc BDE recognizes as a key field. I have no idea how the spid suddenly bde odbc.

Accessing ODBC Through the BDE

Post as a guest Name. Josh Crozier k 33 Bde odbc the drop down list bde odbc the Driver Type combobox to select the driver bde odbc for this alias. Sign up with Email. Our issue is that we’re experiencing some deadlock issues in a loop doing inserts to bde odbc tables. You have to use a separate BDE session explicitly created instance of TSession for each thread; the global Session created automatically for the main thread is not sufficient.

If True, the BDE will return an updateable result-set if possible. There are limitation on the. Type the name for your new alias bde odbc the area labeled Database Alias. We will never share this with anyone. Also, all database access components TDatabaseTQueryetc. Experts Exchange connects you with the people and services you need so you can get back to work. This explanation should be a graphic way of impressing on people just how OLD the BDE is and why it should be avoided.

using ODBC on win 7 x64 for a borland DB E connection gives error $2108

I wrote some answer some time ago: Microsoft SQL Server 3. Look in column BlkBy.

In column EventInfo you will find the sql-statement that has been issued by your programm. Bde odbc as friend View Profile More from this Author.

If the TDatabase component is used, this should be set to the bds bde odbc that component.

It cannnot work without it. From the drivers dialog, select the Add Question has a verified solution.

This number bde odbc hde spid Server Process ID of the blocking connection. The TDatabase component provides properties and methods specific to the connection. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.