Page Displaying Help from the Print dialog If the guide board is open, close it. Load paper in the bypass tray with the side to be printed on facing up. Displaying Top Page 4. Bypass tray Load paper here. Specifications, Printer Body 8. The guide explains how to make network and printer driver settings, and how to make and check printer settings using a Web browser and other utilities.

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Page – Displaying the Printer Status on a Macin Precision Roller is in no way gelsprunter, sponsored or endorsed by these copyright owners or their affiliates or dealers This website uses gelsprinter gx e5550n secure server to encrypt all sensitive information. Using the Printer with a Macintosh Printing on Paper in a Paper Tray with a Macintosh This section explains how to load paper in the paper tray and print on it.

Ink Collector Unit Not Detected gelsprinter gx e5550n. The update might fail if attempted during printing or if the wrong file was selected.

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Software Cannot Be Installed An error occurs during software installation. BUGS Load paper in the bypass tray with the side to be printed on facing up. The printer status is reflected in the SmartDeviceMonitor for Client icon in the taskbar system tray. Troubleshooting Press gelsprinter gx e5550n [Job Reset] key.

In this case, no change is necessary for option settings. Check whether the print-head nozzles are clogged up or not by printing a nozzle check test pattern. If you click [Disagree], gelsprinter gx e5550n screen that appeared in the previous step returns. Making Printer Settings Using the Control Panel Making Printer Settings Using the Control Panel This section explains how to change the default settings of the printer gelsprinter gx e5550n provides information about the parameters included in each menu.

Flowchart gelsprinter gx e5550n how to specify notification by e-mail Specify the printer setting. A4 x Print: Reset the envelope lever to standard position. Make sure the “Ready” BYJS The printer starts feeding ink into its print heads taking approximately 6 minutes.

Click the [View] gelsprinter gx e5550n. If you switch the envelope selector tobe sure to select the [Uni-directional printing only] check e5550 in the printer properties dialog box.

Set the envelope gelsprinter gx e5550n according to the type of paper. Transparent black band 3. The add printer screen appears. Custom Install You can select which modules to install.

Make print settings, and then click [Print]. Make sure to turn off the printer main power before beginning the replacement. Page Page gelsprinter gx e5550n removing paper jammed in gelsprinter gx e5550n rear unit For envelopes, set the lever to the rear position ; for everything else, set the lever to the forward position. Setting Up the Hardware While pressing the recessed area of the right front cover, open the cover.

Intel and Intel Core are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. Click the [Printer Configuration] tab. Setting Up the Hardware Load paper in gelsprinter gx e5550n bypass tray with the side to be printed on facing up.

These drivers allow your computer to communicate with this printer via a printer language.

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Basic Printing Procedure for Macintosh This section explains the basic procedure for printing from an application. After checking the following, click [OK]. Out Of Printable Temperature Range, Printer Error Status Monitor Errors Out of Printable Gelsprinter gx e5550n Range Follow the procedure below to relocate the printer when the temperature inside the printer is inappropriate, extremely high or low, for printing.

Maintaining Gelsprinter gx e5550n When horizontal lines beside the lightest gray square are broken, select the optimal adjustment value by referring to the lines broken in the opposite direction.

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Select [Select a driver to use Using Web Browser Launch the Web browser. Envelope Selector For envelopes, set the lever to the gelsprinter gx e5550n position ; for everything else, set the lever to the forward position 6. Troubleshooting Does the envelope selector setting match?

Troubleshooting Press the [Form Feed] key.