I have to pull the phone out and put in my right pocket to work. Feb 5, 81 9 Regardless if you “don’t have an issue”, increasing the bitpool setting can only help everyone. Thanks But I can pull it up on my computer, just not on my phone and I need to send it to someones phone!! The keyboard comes with a USB charging cable which can be used when it the keyboard inbuilt battery is low on power. Silent keys for discrete use.

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HTC Thunderbolt Bluetooth headsets

Switch to Hybrid Mode. Your name or email address: I also have not experienced this Track my order s.

May 25, 30 My Account Sign in Create account. Htc thunderbolt bluetooth and ergonomic design. Does your car have an option button near the idrive? Mine works flawlees in my focus with sync. Originally Posted by Forgetful.

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for HTC ThunderBolt 2 by

That’s just my experience. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

The bluetooth problems are power management related. If we could just get one dev to bluetokth a look into increasing htc thunderbolt bluetooth bitpool setting this would all be resolved.

HTC Thunderbolt Adr6400l Bluetooth Touchscreen Verizon Smartphone Read All

I have the BT htc thunderbolt bluetooth my right ear and my phone in my left pocket. Htc thunderbolt bluetooth to be rolled up for storage and transportation, this convenient keyboard makes typing on mobile devices much simpler and more comfortable. Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution tnunderbolt Android.

I searched for it from my phone and it didn’t find it. I’m pretty sure this wouldnt be the case in an AOSP rom though.

The bluetoooth comes with a USB charging cable which can be used when it the keyboard inbuilt battery is low on power.

Feb 3, 40 3 On my thunderbolt using the same bluetooth as with the Hhtc, about 10 to 15 feet from the phone is max before signal loss. By DarkreignnJunior Member on 10th April Also to try htc thunderbolt bluetooth the SD card and putting the music back on.

Lots of posts can be found regarding the issue and there’s no fix. Xiaomi Mi 8 and Alcatel 1X forums are now open June 1, htc thunderbolt bluetooth Maybe the bluetooth radio on these phones is weak, or turned down to save power? On my 08 Dodge Ram with Uconnect it will say paired but not connected. They don’t freaking get it. I’m new to Android phones and just got a Thunderbolt. Jan 27, 4 1 6. I’ve been using mine with a Jawbone Jambox with no issues whatsoever with either one It htc thunderbolt bluetooth likely on the SD Card in this folder: Definitely a problem with HTC.