Dear ZaZ and Mark Lenovo: The surface temperature of this Thinkpad T61 was slightly above the one of the T61 with T CPU , but, we are not sure, if this is caused by the more powerful processor or the higher environment temperatures during the notebook review. In total the surface temperatures are alright. I’m interested from a power saving desktop point of view. You can get a card that needs a higher wattage, but you would have to get an external power source. Once we have some real facts to offer, I’ll speak to Mark, see if he can pass the request up the chain of command Or enough to setup a docking station and use the laptop as a desktop thereafter.

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I might lenovo t61 video getting a board with an Intel card, which are cheaper and have no defective GPU. This is supported by a metal frame inside the notebook and magnesium parts at its surfaces.

During DVD playback reviewed: Board index All times are UTC This ensures clarity, even if the display is small and even under Windows Vista. The same is true for the ramshorn hookwhich secures the closed display and is easy to handle by a switch placed lenovo t61 video the lenovo t61 video edge of the display.

Pro Classical, decent Thinkpad design Low weight and size Very good workmanship Excellent quality of materials magnesium cased Excellent input devices Bright, matt display; fit for outdoor usage Good Performance Relative quiet, low temperature emissions Contra Vertical viewing angles.

Mobius 1 Jun 1, at 1: What’s the point in lenovo t61 video dedicated graphics card anyway if you don’t play games? So the reflow process does not work here because the problem is a defective core?

re: lenovo t61 graphics/lcd problem diagnose

Especially, the weakness at the UltraBay slot lenovo t61 video one, which already exists since some Thinkpad generations. The display of the T61 is especially strengthenedand so, it scores better now lenovo t61 video the also very robust T This is what you’ll see: Booting using external monitor via VGA Is the notebook indeed beyond repair? A main difference to the T60 series is that the audio ports and the Firewire port were located at the front edge.

Are you running 2 dimms? Because of the slim wide-screen format of this notebook, the touch pad had to be placed relatively near the front edge, which somewhat complicated using the pad and its buttons on the lenovo t61 video. What can I do to fix this? First of all, you are completely out of line to lenovo t61 video what I do and do not need. Thank you all in advance for your help. Message 9 of Thank you for the good the advice. I’m guessing that using higher temperature would require less time in the oven.

I did lenovo t61 video research of the topic mainly because I would like some more GPU performance, and I came up with the fact that the best card you can use in the advanced dock so far is the Radeon ‘low profile’ that is currently for sale for around USD. No power consumption data found. So, the T61 is also fit for outdoor usage. Still the metal hinges are capable to absolutely securely keep the display’s position.

Download Lenovo ThinkPad T61 NVIDIA Graphics Driver for Windows 7

All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: Take a look at our ThinkPads. Also, you lenovo t61 video install a gaming card, bideo you will need an extension vidock of the pci-e slot.

The surfaces get only slightly warmer. I rather have a desktop that fully lenovo t61 video. I ran Lenovo system toolbox but the program found no errors with regard to the video card. Now we are at the criterion where this T61 clearly outperforms the already reviewed version. Your name or email address: It’s lenovo t61 video possible to play games with the trackpoint