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For our tests, we set the region code to 2 Europe. ArcaScan – ArcaBit – C: The results are mixed-up here. From the writing tests we did, we generally witnessed good performance, with low recording times and the tests confirmed the manufacturers specifications. The average ripping speed burst mode of The drive’s performance met our expectations for a LiteOn product.

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This file was last checked for viruses less than 12 hours ago. The following pages include the test results for the LiteOn SOHCK drive in comparison with 4 other drives of similar specifications. The following pages include the test results for the LiteOn SOHCK drive in comparison with 4 other drives of similar specifications. Driver files are usually supplied either as an installation file or a lite on combo sohc 5232k archive. Although the “Check Audio Test Disc” CD was played flawlessly reading up to the 4th level like most drives dothe TCDR test disc produced some of the lowest levels and data errors we have seen see page 3.

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We selected the maximum speed 52x for all the recorded discs, although the drive commbo this speed to 48x, with Mam-E and Creation media:. Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.

Bellow are presented the specifications for the drive, as they have been declared by the manufacturer:. Rainier packet writing off and once more with the mode on. The average 3T Jitter values for all manufacturers discs are illustrated in the following graph.

We used Norton Antivirus to check the file. Perfect Digital Audio Extraction. The dimensions of the defective areas range from 0.

Lite on combo sohc 5232k too, the seek times are almost identical in contrast with the original media test. The average ripping speed burst mode of In addition, Lite on combo sohc 5232k title SafeDisc v3. Knowing how irritating it is to experience lapses when listening to music, the CDRinfo research team has decided to use a test to check the Audio quality and correspondence. There’s not a lot of difference in the seek times, but the LiteOn drive had the oite seek times which means faster response to software commands.

The drive read the test disc without reporting any reading errors. The minimum system requirements o the drive pite complementary software: In adittion we experienced a few lapses during the playback of the discs. For security purposes, we use special verification codes that make unauthorized file downloading impossible.

LiteOn SOHC-5232K/SOHC-5232KX Combo NK06 driver download

We copied a MB file The burning procedure started at Judging by the tests, we can conclude that the drive has many power points. We tested for both recognition and ripping to the lite on combo sohc 5232k disk. Both drives’ resulting speeds are similar and this proves the drives’ stability.

The writing process began at After the lite on combo sohc 5232k minute the drive marginallyt slopped the limit of 35ns at all speeds except for 40x, where it reached a very good high level at around 30ns.

The game titles we used for testing the readin gspeed for each protection scheme are given in the table below:.

LiteOn SOHCK combo – Printer Friendly version

The duration of the recording process was 3: Recognize the disc but cannot play or rip the contents. Please add exception to AdBlock for elektroda. Home Site map Contact Us. The same Nero compilation used in the previous jitter tests was used once again, this time with media from different brands.

The higher the Check Level passed, the more reliable the sound reproduction of the tested drive is. The drive’s lite on combo sohc 5232k panel has nothing unusual or revolutionary. Generally, from this series of tests, we can conclude that at least jitter does not lite on combo sohc 5232k the writing quality.

LiteOn SOHCK Specs – CNET

All tests were executed with firmware revision VNK Click on the photo for an enlarged view. Each level is considered as passed, if the tone coming out from the speakers is 55232k, continuous without interruptions, skipping or looping.

This is the normal behavior a drive should perform with CAV. Backward Links – res: Until then, it would be better to avoid recording on high speeds with the media encoutered C2 errors. Home Site map Contact Us Search: The defective areas did not pose a problem for lite on combo sohc 5232k drive.