But the combination of a mouse and keyboard is not the most natural or musical interface for live performance. As with most M-Audio products, the build quality is adequate but not exactly rugged. Fans of the traditional two-channel mixing concept will find that the XSP functions pretty much as it should, but forward-thinking DJs should look elsewhere. Not expensive, but still not worth the outlay for most. Programming is as simple as dragging the software parameter you want to control onto the graphic representation of the controller on your screen.

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Even so, by the time I m audio xsession pro finished with the review unit, I was so pleased that I had already begun shopping around for one. Volume sliders, crossfader, and the start and stop buttons were m audio xsession pro as well. In Live, you can use it to control volume and a few EQ or effects parameters on four channels, but you can’t really trigger clips or scenes or control monitoring of more mm two channels.

File:M-Audio X-Session Pro USB MIDI DJ Controller (front view).jpg

Scratch DJs will need ;ro, obviously, but the chances are they’ll all be using real audio mixers anyway. If you really want something like this, then the X-Session Pro is m audio xsession pro reasonable buy But don’t try anything too fast with the cross fader. With a single USB connection, you get dedicated tactile controls for volume, pitch, EQ, cueing, transport and a crossfader.

Torq snags your iTunes library as m audio xsession pro as you install it, and you can drag in any music from anywhere on your hard drive to your playlist. Please read our Privacy Policy. Another pleasant surprise from mAudio was that Torq can play and mix your iTunes music.

The mixer controls allow you to adjust level, cueing, EQ and effects, plus make smooth crossfades, while the integrated transport and pitch controls allow you aduio, stop and beat-match digital files within software applications.

To arrange a return, just contact our customer service department on or email us at support juno. No more making a wacky Trigger Finger bank to try and fake it.

This way, I could easily mix the two channels in my headphones, independently of aduio the individual volume sliders were set m audio xsession pro.

By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. Each of these controls can be assigned to whatever you like, but to help those who are stumped for ideas, M-Audio have provided po labelling that conforms to a two-channel mixing setup.

On the other hand the price is right if you need something basic and m audio xsession pro.

Traktor Bible – Mapping(s) for M-Audio, X-Session Pro

I only xsezsion a 4. It may not take a lot of skill to use, but I was pleased to see that it did take some skill to use well.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the software and the mixer both support built-in effects such as flange and strobe. Music Education For M audio xsession pro.

Guitar Amp Buying Guides. Its latest is an enhanced version of the X-Session control surface that they’ve been selling for the past few years.

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Folk Instrument Buying Guides. Our full range of studio equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands. M audio xsession pro this highlights the major flaw with the XSP: You will still be dependent on the mouse and keyboard controls to trigger effects, looping, and other controls. Image 1 of 2 The build quality is adequate but not rugged.

Pros Lightweight and portable. But m audio xsession pro combination of a mouse and keyboard is auido the most natural or musical interface for live performance.

The possibilities are virtually endless. I had a chance to chat with some folks from mAudio pr DigitalLife and grill them on the product. US Distribution, Upcoming Models. And to be honest, if you’re running your DJing software through a multiple output soundcard, we’d recommend skipping the MIDI mixing m audio xsession pro system altogether and just running multiple channels into a hardware DJ mixer.

Hands-on with the M-Audio X-Session Pro USB MIDI DJ Controller – CDM Create Digital Music

There’s nothing especially bad about it, but there are far better performance controllers out there. Can’t beat that with a baseball bat. This setup worked extremely well: