Page 42 This appears only when the duplex option has been installed. Installing Accessories 3Installing Accessories Page Keep toner cartridges: Keep it the same way round as the old unit. Black and white picture or text Select this setting when scanning in black and white. Setting Collated Sort Copying With collated Sort copying, multiple copies of multi-page documents can be printed in order and sorted by copy set. Solving Problems With Media Misfeeds Check the media path again to make sure that you have removed all of the misfed media.

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Take care not to trap your fin- gers when closing the scanner unit. Toner cartridge carousel 7. In the main screen Scan modepress the up or down arrow key to select the current data destination setting, and then press the Enter key. You can identify the toner cartridge by the color of the handle.

Please enable Javascript on your browser and try again. Oki mc160n printer remove the missed media in the feed direction as shown only. Page Note Decreased print quality may result if the surface of the transfer roller is touched. Oki mc160n printer the new imaging cartridge. Reinsert Tray 2 into the machine. If you get burned, immediately cool the skin under cold water, and then seek professional medical attention.

Adjust the contrast Oki mc160n printer Control the darkness of an image Brightness Adjust the saturation of printed image Saturation Adjust the sharpness of the printed image Sharpness Version Tab The Version Tab allows you to view information about the printer driver.

Page 85 Slide the oki mc160n printer guides against the edges of the paper. Load paper into Tray 2. If a media missfeed occurs near the fuser unit, pull out the media oki mc160n printer below the fuser unit, as shown in the illustration at the right. Entering Names Keypad Available characters [ If double-sided copying is selected, the specified binding position is indicated.

Basic Tab Prknter View Click the button to display a preview of the watermark. Installing Accessories 3Installing Accessories Page 75 Insert the left end of the cartridge into the top of the image drum unit first, pushing it against the spring on the drum unit, then lower the right end of the cartridge onto oki mc160n printer image drum unit. While holding oki mc160n printer duplex option against the machine, tighten the screws inside the cover to complete the installation of the duplex option.

Oki Printer Drivers

Oki mc160n printer RAM expansion slot already contains a memory board. Scan quality Indicates the scan quality that is selected. Press the up or down arrow key to select the desired size, and then press the Enter key. Back key Clears the specified number of copies and entered text. This operation differs from scan- ning from a computer application since the destination of the scan data can also be specified.

Press Copy Oki mc160n printer, or Scan Mode on the control panel. Select this setting if you need to scan multi-page document from the automatic document feeder ADF.

Adjust the rear stopper 1 and paper guides 2 to the size of paper being used.


Lift the machine off of the attach- ment and temporarily place it on a sturdy flat surface. If necessary, use the SDM Printer Discovery window to find all available printers on your network or connected to your computer. ADF feed cover 2—b: Select the type oki mc160n printer size of the media loaded into Oki mc160n printer 1.

Media Rollers The accumulation of paper oki mc160n printer and other debris on the media rollers can cause media-feeding problems. Output Tray The printed media is fed out facing down into the output tray below the control panel. Page Remove any missed paper. Oki mcn Network Manual 32 pages. Lki Note Do not touch the contact indicated in the illustration.

Page Specify the desired scan settings. Before scanning, check that the Scan key is mcc160n up in green. The green image drum surface printe the base of the cartridge is very delicate and light sensitive.

Oki MB470 Driver

Document output tray 2—e: If problems occur, stop the continuous printing and print one sheet at a time. To remove it proceed as follows: Remove the lid from Tray 2. Page Open and close the scanner unit to clear the missfeed message. The settings can only be done through the web page or the Oki mc160n printer Setup Tool. Ensure the privileges for “Read”, “Write” and “Directory Browsing” Letters can be typed in.

Up to sheets 80 [21 lb] of plain paper can be loaded into the tray at one time. Oki mc160n printer the machine has been configured, operating is quite straight printeg.

To remove a locking oki mc160n printer, turn it to either the left or the right so that its grip is vertical, and then pull out the locking pin to remove it. Handle the fuser prijter extreme care, holding it oki mc160n printer by its handle, which will only be mildly oik to the touch. Specify the E-mail address up to mc160 characters of the E-mail sender used for network scanning.

Note Only use genuine Oki mc160n printer Original consumables to ensure the best quality and performance from your hardware. The imaging cartridge may be defective.

Fan the paper, and align its edges. Making Basic Copies, Basic Copy Operation Making Basic Copies This section contains descriptions of the basic copy operation procedure and the functions that are frequently used when making copies, such as specifying the zoom ratio and the copy density.