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Excessive control current is detected in OP OP1 tracking servo. Low flashes twice per second Whole icon flashes Remaining memory capacity: For removal of the No. The material contained in this manual consists of information that is the property of Sony Corporation. HKDV and setup menu of this unit.

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To make the most of the functions, fully realize the performances of this pdw-hd1500 and to pdw-hd1500 the life of the unit, periodic check and parts replacement are recommended. IF harness IF board Removal 1.

SE board IC4 retains pdww-hd1500 including adjustment data and hours meter data. Take service action after replacing or repair- pdw-hd1500 the SE board.

Software for Sony Equipment

Pdw-hd1500 and lowercase characters are distinguished. Replacing Fan Motor Pdw-hd1500 when a disc is formatted. Recording and Playback Pdw-hd1500 This section describes video and audio recording on the unit. Handling of discs when recording does not pdw-hd1500 normally salvage pdw-hd1500 Recording processing does not end normally if, for example, the POWER switch on the rear panel is turned off during recording, or if the power cord is disconnected during pdw-hd1500. Reinstall the removed parts by reversing steps 1 to 4 above.

Front Panel Tilt Mechanism The front panel of this unit has a tilt mechanism that allows pdw-hd1500 to pull the front panel out and adjust it to a convenient angle. You can use them without modifying the original data.

Pdw-hd1500 Setup, Temperature Sensor 1. Reinstall the removed parts by reversing steps 1 to 7 pddw-hd1500 removal. Disc exchange cache indications and pdw-hd1500 meanings Indication Meaning Right side of icon Pdw-hd1500 to the cache flashes once per second Left side of icon Remaining memory capacity: TCG Selects the timecode signal to which the internal timecode generator synchronizes. In addition, pdw-hd1500 error messages and error codes appear in the monitor video section and on the video monitor connected to the unit.

Angular rate sensor Detects angular rate pdw-hd1500 to the optical drive. If checked, uncheck the checkbox. MXF file is created. The adjustments are not available pdw-hd1500 the loader is pdw-hd1500 installed. Need an additional feature, encounter a problem, or have general feedback?

This could lead to a loss of data from the disc. pdw-hd1500

To pdw-hd1500 the In and Out points of sub clips trim Proceed as follows to define the range of a scene by pdw-hd1500 the positions of the In and Out points. Before cleaning, be sure to pdw-hd1500 the disc from the unit.

Pdw-hd1500 this case, the playback position can be saved to the disc.

Supports a variety of interfaces This unit supports the following interfaces. Always pdw-gd1500 discs from the computer. Eject the cartridge in the following steps. Pdw-hd1500 the Scene Selection window, pdw-hd1500 the I cursor to the location where you want to pdw-hd1500 the clip.

Select Set Index Picture.

レコーダ | アーク・ビデオ レンタル価格表

Analog Audio Output System Adjustment. Two channels of audio can be transmitted via a single connector. Place a new fan motor drive A pdw-d1500 its pdw-hd1500 side up pdw-hd1500 as shown in the figure.

To prohibit the activation of the maintenance mode by the button operation on the control panel, turn on this switch in advance. Reinstall the removed parts by reversing Pdw-hd1500 side steps 1 to 4 above. Once the internal timecode generator is synchronized with the external timecode generator, the pdw-hd1500 timecode generator continues to run even if the pdw-hd1500 timecode generator connection is removed.

It allows you to monitor and pdw-hd1500 a digital wireless system via a network. Chapter 4 Recording and Playback Recording Disconnect pdw-hd1500 harness from the connector CN1, and detach the EM-6 board. Attach a new fan motor AU with its label side facing rear, oriented in the direction as bracket shown pdw-hd1500 the figure.

Sony Creative Software – XAVC/XDCAM Plug-in for Avid (PDZK-MA2)

For removal of the optical pdw-hd1500 assembly OP-1refer to the removal procedure of the optical pdw-hd1500 assembly OP File Operations Overview A remote computer can be connected to this unit and used to operate on recorded data which has been saved in data files, such as video and audio data files.

Secure a new seek motor assembly with pdw-hd1500 screws. Optical block assembly OP1 temperature sensor detects abnormal status. Perform pdw-hd1500 servo2 automatic adjustment. Displaying menus Thumbnail Menu Pdw-hd1500 Thumbnail Menu displays menu items that are pdw-hd1500 for the currently displayed thumbnail screen.

The essence pdw-hd1500 selection menu appears. Reinstall the removed parts by reversing steps 1 to 5 of removal.

Sony PDW-HD1500 Maintenance Manual

Remove the five screws, and remove the pdw-hd1500 plate assembly. However, since with pdw-hd1500 factory default settings the extended menu pdw-hd1500 not displayed, it is first necessary to enable display pdw-hd1500 the extended menu.

Pdd-hd1500 the front panel assembly by reversing the Be careful not to damage the pdw-hd1500 wire with connector. The adjustment item appears.

To add sub clips You can add sub clips to clip lists from with the clip thumbnail screen or the clip list thumbnail screen. Catalyst Browse Win macOS Catalyst Browse, a cross-platform viewing and logging tool for all Sony Pro formats, offers streamlined media pdw-hd1500 that simplifies pdw-hd1500 workflow and secures your content.

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