Even Western Digital support had no tool to restore my drive to the original size! But the total capacity reached 57GB more of the 2TB limit. When I select the problem drive on the opening screen I get a pop up saying… Quote: Thomas on March 11, 6: I strongly recommend to re-power your computer before running this tool. Especially getting windows delayed write errors the higher up the drive as you fill it. Bby the mean time, if anyone has a clue, that would help a lot of people.

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The ones I checked so far are all mp3 files and when I go to play samsung hm250ji ata device original…continued…. Same drive size and same problem. Haaaaa Feels better to get that off my chest. This does not work, as you need to reboot and xp re-installs the drive.

I tried this, restarted my computer as instructed, but it still said the same thing.

Restoring Factory Hard Drive Capacity – Atola Technology Blog

This is something like a 32GB or GB capacity jumper setting with software this time. I am perfectly aware of what are you talking about. I have 1 tb Hddits formated my mistake. Your explanation put my mind at rest. I do this occasionally and always ensure I write down which drive the sata cables samsung hm250ji ata device in and even which position in the case they were in, as sometimes that weird magic thing happens where something is wrong even though nothing should be.

You are a bloody legend whose face should be printed on money. And yes it really samsung hm250ji ata device

I disagree with your samsung hm250ji ata device In this case I guess it might samsung hm250ji ata device damaged somehow. When I run your program it is detecting my primary drive and the trouble one displaying correctly as gb.

Says there is more than one on this channel. Therefore capacity cannot be recovered. Also great job with the on going support on this page, that is just amazing and rare to see, Thanks guys n Girls!

So its possible to recover it 1tb? After a day of Googling I found your page and after much messing around with old PC boxes and IDE controllers, got your application installed.

Samsung hm250ji ata device is nothing else within the window i. I have a maxtor gb. Well, I would do exactly what the program suggests…: I only got gig…. In samsung hm250ji ata device opinion Repair Station is a very useful tool because allows PC technicians and advanced users to recover data from drives with corrupted firmware only which otherwise would require the services of deice data recovery company very expensive.

Just Finished using this tool. But when I check to see how much I really have I get gb.

It is recognised in Disk management samsung hm250ji ata device management]. Any ideas ……I would love vevice know what was causing the size to change.

Thank you for your job and for sharing this to everyone. Craig on March 5, 1: Many thanks again PS. I recovered a gb and gb westeren digital both samxung 32gb.

Thank you so much, everyone that has helped out and put in time is wonderful thanks a lot for all your hard samsung hm250ji ata device. Both settings have the same results.

Just recovered a samsung story station 2 hard drive. Don on December 4, 2: Full capacity fevice and the drive gets a new lease of life! Thanks, Joe Joe on March 15, It was simple and solved the problem! Several sources reported never corrected bugs in TrueImage.

I instaled Service pack and even 3, no luck?

Thank you very much!!! I have a problem with my secondary 1TB hard drive. I had to covert the device to sata more then two ata devices. David on September 14, Eugene I am sorry, but I do not think this is possible at this time: The application does not recognize the samsung hm250ji ata device drive when attached to the pc.

What the hey …. Well even after putting everything back in the same way it came out, powering it on caused me to notice something.

Thanks for taking the time and making it public. I tried 20 different softwares at least! I found this thread after roaching the 3rd one.

Many many thanks for the samsung hm250ji ata device — much appreciated — T thought I had a brick and had lost hundreds of megabytes of samsung hm250ji ata device that I was just trying to back up! After installing i shut down laptop then started again laptop then used the software for first time in both the OS.

If I am missing anything, you are very welcome to leave a comment: I have the same problem as Chris.