SecuGen Hamster Plus USB fingerprint scanners let your fingerprints act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen. We purchased biometric readers from Bayometric based on price. This technology produces clear and accurate images with high contrast along with a good signal-to-noise ratio. Biometrics What are Biometrics? It is a highly rugged scanner and has good durability as it has built-in resistance to impact, scratches, drops, electrostatic shock, humidity and extreme temperatures. Hamster Plus performs well even in tough environments and conditions which are challenging in nature. Here is a look back on last….

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Hamster Plus boasts of a patented and accurate DPI resolution. Sometimes a Windows update might over-write the legacy drivers.

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I’d love to help you! Laura — June 25, He has helped large organizations like Pepsi, Secugen biometric solutions Cares, Michigan State and many other medium and small businesses achieve their identity management needs. Here is a look back on last…. Smart Capture TM technology delivers greater reliability and accuracy.

The Auto-On feature switches on the scanner whenever it detects a finger. Sensor zolutions to scratches, impact and vibration. Gun Safety at Your Fingertips U. We were contacted by Bayometric to insure the readers would meet our needs. As biometrics secugen biometric solutions identity management technologies are coming further secugen biometric solutions the cultural mainstream, adapting and evolving with new sedugen in connectivity and mobility, the technology is starting to….

Hamster Pro comes with the capability to reject false fingerprints such as 2-D fingerprint images such as photocopies and latent prints.

Secugen Hamster Plus

These devices help you capture fingerprint images. Scans dry, moist, aged, scarred and difficult-to-scan fingers.

Hamster Plus performs well even in tough environments and conditions which are challenging in nature. It performs consistently high in indoor or outdoor locations.

Questions, issues or concerns? Wecugen secugen biometric solutions drivers need to be installed manually when you plug in the scanner on to the computer. All our products come with one year warranty.

Secugen Hamster Plus USB Optical Fingerprint Scanner

High quality images mean greater precision, less false rejection, less false acceptance, and better overall performance. These devices get plugged into the USB port of your computer.

No matter where you are located, we will deliver to your doorstep. We purchased biometric readers from Bayometric based on price.

Right click on it and select update driver software. Hamster Plus secugen biometric solutions delivers highly accurate images when matching fingerprints enrolled at secugen biometric solutions locations with different fingerprint readers. Fingerprint SDK Zero learning curve for developers. This allows easy integration of Hamster Plus into a variety of applications.

The Hamster Pro 10 is a sequel to the Hamster Pro 20 from a few years ago. Durable Hamster Plus has strong and dependable sensor surface, internal lens and electronic components which increases its durability an extra notch. High durability and ruggedness Hamster Plus performs well even in the presence of external contaminants such as oil, dirt and sweat. Hamster Plus is very rugged and comes with high durability.

Border control was in the news too, along with secugen biometric solutions biometrics, as stories had us talking about identity tech…. This is also possible due to the fact that the design, development and manufacturing of Hamster Plus, just like other SecuGen products, is done internally which makes its products long-lasting.

Download fingerprint scanner drivers from — https: SecuGen fingerprint scanner drivers come built into Windows.