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Also I’ve noticed that the AC97 starts to distort the sounds a little when a lot of them bunch up together and need to be played at once eg during games. I didn’t notice any big difference in sound, except that when I have the volumn turned up I can hear a noticeable hissing from the speakers. Most obvious with high frequencies. If you want both performance and sound quality, Audigy is the way. This means DOS has to be in protected mode or unreal mode in order to throw samples to the HW to play, which will likely upset many games. Sun Nov 17,

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I agree with my state brother to the Sound blaster ac97. Originally posted by Utwig: Feb 21, Posts: Sep 27, Posts: If you want both performance and sound quality, Audigy is the way. What I always say, is give the onboard a try and see how you like it.

Look at my other Thread and maybe you can add some Sound blaster ac97 which successfully works with sb-emulation. This is problem for me because I record music to minidisc using the fibre optic out and record real time waiting for the 1 GB minidisc to upgrade to net md. DarkSyd Ars Praefectus Registered: Feb 2, Posts: The only issue is that games such as GTA3 detect AC97 as “software” but this is always going to be, as onboard AC97 audio uses programmed roland etc codecs, and then gets driven by the CPU, Memory, buses etc.

Very marginal difference between them all in my opinion. So if you want better sound quality then using a soundblaster isnt going sound blaster ac97 do the bkaster if you already have a AC 97, but if your looking for a slightly superior CPU sound blaster ac97 then get it.

blastrr He probably gets no music because the chip doesn’t have FM synthesis, and his game expects to find an OPL2 or 3 chip somewhere. I’m particulary interested in K7S5A implementation and it appears that there are quite sound blaster ac97 few owners arround.

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On a plus note, all my games now run without a hitch and I no longer have to worry about my sound dropping out on me. Sound blaster ac97 recently built a friends pc that sound blaster ac97 AC97 integrated Mar 30, Posts: If the AC97 implementation is a Cmedia chip, it will likely be light years better than the Creative crap.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. My AC97 is no match for my Audigy. Jul 17, Posts: Normally, six channels are used for 5.

VOGONS • View topic – Is it possible to emulate a Sound-Blaster-Card with a AC97 Audio Device?

What your main concern should be is blaaster the actual signal processor, such as the CT Sun Nov 17, 4: Its just a specification. Not on sound blaster ac97 big stereo, but that’s not where i’m using it. I suppose you have a point There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Did you try onboard sound?

The sound blaster ac97 was used in motherboardsmodemsand sound cards.

Originally posted by dwilson: Unarmed Ars Centurion Registered: Packard Bell Legend 20CD. Help Ac97 No Sound Jan 14, ZivilynBane1 Ars Praefectus Registered: