Can you verify your PLL works at the same frequency as in Keil example? Everything you can test, if you open Control panel and the Devices and printers. Why dont you use conputer to reassemble those bits? After you have been approved, you should receive a link to the requested software via email. I included the nescesary files to CoIDE and change the main.

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Library 24- Virtual COM Port (VCP) for STM32F4

Media Subscription Media Contacts Backgrounders. I opened your Keil project: By continuing your visit on our website, you consent to our cookies in accordance with ST Cookies Policy. Everywhere stm32 discovery usb have buttons, you have to set bit to 1 when button is pressed or 0 when button is released.

Thus you have the same problem and do need critical sections. By continuing your visit on our website, you consent to our cookies in accordance with ST Cookies Policy.

STM32F4 Discovery USB host and MP3 player | Benjamin’s robotics

Clock appears to be set OK: Stm32 discovery usb and my coleagues are at a loss here, can you imagine what we should do? I wanna know how can I apply printf function with VCP? You are… …really annoying! Why dont you use conputer to reassemble those bits?

Library 29- USB MSC HOST for USB flash drive on STM32F4

In the event that this Agreement is assigned effectively stm32 discovery usb a third party, this Agreement shall bind upon successors and assigns stm32 discovery usb the parties hereto. Declare the buffer volatile and declare it global C1 C1: Only by a fluke I decided to try this, as I knew it had something to do with interrupts.

Do you have the function of sending lots of data in array stk32 Mp3, that take place to be. Just for testing, I call this: In case of dispute stm32 discovery usb in the absence of an amicable settlement, the only competent jurisdiction shall be the Courts of Geneva, Switzerland.

Will try it in a minute, but I have a question, might be a silly one, but I cannot figure this out by myself. If it will work, then you are ok. I guess I will just use stm32 discovery usb for this project. Majerle Is is possible to post a working hex file for the discocery

Stm32 discovery usb 10 bytes of your data stringthen send n 0x0A at the end to terminate string. So, could you tell me what I need, or what I got to do? After changing setting for fastest code execution, I was able to increase PLL speed without stm32 discovery usb. After connecting the pendrive the first 0. If it enumerates long time on linux only, then you know where to search for problems.

First, I develop base on your library of VCP. Product is in volume production Evaluation: Now we will test our firmware. If I understand you stm32 discovery usb, then you want to send one byte in eight bytes.

I want to design a AP tool on my pc, this tool can send stm32 discovery usb to stm32f4 and receive data from stm32f, stm32 discovery usb you provided sample was Input Report, so the AP can only read data, i hope pc and stm32f can communicate each smt32, can you provide examples, output report, feature report? I did try resetting djscovery OTG controller after each Disconnect event but that did not solve the problem, it is not really obvious how to do a proper hardware reset on the OTG without resetting the whole MCU.

The compilation and upload does not give any errors but plugging my board to both Ubuntu Can you give me simple example?