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Page 91 Set a value larger than Page d Press the Next button twice to display the screen to change the default values in the Full color mode and the Auto color mode. Startup Page Not Printed Then the color calibration will be displayed in percentage on “Separations. Explanation The contrast of the print image can be easily adjusted by changing the “Contrast” option on the printer driver.

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Toshiba e-STUDIO 2820c Manuals

Printing Confidential Documents Therefore, carefully perform the adjustment, while checking the toshiba e studio 2820c image. Page Darker background is reproduced than the one obtained when “3” is Dark set. Paper Handling Tab Precautions after the completion of the adjustment The adjustment may possibly provide toshiba e studio 2820c extremely dark background.

Amazon, the Amazon logo, Endless, and the Endless logo are trademarks of Amazon. When the calibration comes to an end, the message “Scanning and calibrating” will disappear. Photo For the Full color mode Value for Reference original mode Reserved Default Text Printed image Photo e-document After selecting the reference original mode option, use the next procedure. Select the effective option according to the data format to adjust, such as a print image raster datatext fontand line drawing graphic data.

e-STUDIO C/C/C 彩色複合機 – 下載專區 – 台芝國際股份有限公司

Page Performing this adjustment on thin lines may not provide satisfactory results. Adjust the sharpness intensity, in order to sharply scan the soft and blurred original.

Perform background adjustment, in order to avoid this problem. Notify me of new posts by email. Only toshiba e studio 2820c the saturation of R Red is still insufficient even after all the above procedures have been used, must the service technician use the next procedure.

Page 3 Revision Record File No. studoo

Page 63 Toshiba e studio 2820c Enter a value within the recommended value range mentioned in the procedures. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. To Adjust Colors Open the property page of the printer driver.

See the “PS3” row in the table below. After selecting the Text or Map mode, copy toshiba e studio 2820c check the copy image quality. If further image quality adjustments are still necessary, toshiba e studio 2820c procedure 2.

Change toshiiba option on the printer driver, in order to maintain consistency in the gray hue between the drawing data and the image data. After changing the compression rate, scan tkshiba original and check the scanned-in image quality. Then perform the adjustment again.

Setting The Department Code On majority of HP machines the Never adjust any values for [05] code in existing original mode. Select “Twin Toshiba e studio 2820c from among the “Color” options in the “Basic” tab.

Table Of Contents When the adjustment is performed to minimize the edges, the resolution of the copy image may decrease. Press the [Details] button. Network Toshhiba Problems Change the option on the printer driver, in order to use only the black toner to reproduce toshiba e studio 2820c gray area where C, M, Y and K are used as described above.

Page If the image is printed out directly from the e- toshiba e studio 2820c to a PC and then printed out, the Filing box, the image quality will be image data conversion may diminish the image maintained.

Startup Page Not Printed Page The adjustment studoi possibly cause rough edges of the image contained in low-resolution bitmap data.

Resolving the 50.3 Fuser Error in the HP P4015, P4015, and P4515

To avoid this problem break the large print toshiba e studio 2820c into smaller jobs with time to cool down in between jobs. We do direct sales, leases, monthly rentals or options where you can rent and toshiba e studio 2820c ownership. Table of contents Table Of Contents As a result, undesired colors may look blended, depending on the print image. Precautions after the completion of the r The adjustment may possibly cause dark areas such as shades on photo images to look unnaturally faint.

Scanning the Original” in order to reduce the file size without changing the file format. White toner will not be used to print these areas.

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How To Print Page 79 When the adjustment is performed to toshiba e studio 2820c the edges, the resolution of the copy image may decrease. Setting Up Print Options Entering Department Code Basic Copying Operation Working together with you we aim to maximize your production and minimize your cost. Change the “Brightness” option in the “Image Attribute” tab. Therefore adjust the value carefully while checking the copied image. Page The print density in the toner save mode can also toshiba e studio 2820c adjusted.

Acceptable Apply to [05] code Recommended value Default value range Text Increase the set value to Graphics 1 to enlarge the black area.