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If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site. I will take the bezel apart then and see what happens when I move the cable directly. I have a Toshiba A S laptop. You have a very good chance to fix the problem. Questo sito utilizza i cookie per il funzionamento e per offrirti una migliore esperienza.

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Could be bad power button board, bad cable, bad connection, etc… I cannot tell without looking inside w350i gateway laptop. I can also post some pics if it helps. I guess could be a problem with the LCD, but w350i gateway some reason it feels like bad cable. If you cannot do that, I would suggest replacing the whole LCD e350i.

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Hi Repair Man, Similar problem to what I have read so far. If the laptop w350i gateway fine with an external monitor, most likely the video card and motherboard work properly. But something happened in this stupid saga.

You can test the backlight using the method I linked to in the comment 3w50i Is this a problem with the backlight or the inverter or any other component. w350i gateway

Taylor, I see the Gateway symbol pop up immediately after I power up, but then I have nothing. W350i gateway Thebut will w350i gateway work if I take the old connector and put it on the new wires how fussy are backlight. Maybe you can tell if I provide more detail on the symptoms?

Is there a cable that feeds the screen that could be starting to break or w350i gateway there contacts in the hinges that could be dirty?

Now I am a bit worried because the screen is a bit brighter than the old one. If all hardware operates properly, uninstalling the display adapter and monitors will not do any damage. Something is wrong with the LCD screen. I can change the contrast Lighter or Darker. Besides that everything is fine. If not, I really doubt that w350i gateway new cable will make any difference.

If yes, most likely you have a faulty LCD screen.

I cannot start the w350i gateway at all; with or without the battery removed and just the adapter. I have a Dell Inspiron and the display went black on me about a week ago.

If you do, there w350i gateway be a problem with the video card.

I have already ordered the inverter board. After restart the same gray screen appeared right from the beginning. From my gatewag I can tell that pinkish tone on white backgrounds might gatewa a problem with the backlight lamp but you also mentioned that the image is fuzzy looking and that w350i gateway be a problem with the LCD video cable.

One fine day the screen went black. The best way to find the right part is searching by the HP part w350i gateway. Loose connection between the video cable and LCD screen. Some brand new LCD screens are very inexpensive.

Hi there Reapair Man, thanks a lot for your answer. w350i gateway

Screen inverter board

w350i gateway The computer was dropped and the screen backlight worked but did not display anything but some fuzzy colors, hazy colors. Turn off the laptop, remove the AC adapter and remove the battery.

I have disassembled the screen and checked all cables. W350i gateway case I guess will be to use it with an external monitor here on out. Maybe one of the ends on the video cable is not making good contact with w350i gateway LCD or inverter? I took apart and old laptop, put it back and the screen is now dim all the time.

Thanks for the info! Maybe the DVD drive is bad and shorting the whole system somehow. Last week I repaired one laptop with exactly the same problem description it made a sound, w350i gateway a zzzzzt and then a pop.

Questo sito utilizza i cookie per il funzionamento e per offrirti una migliore esperienza. Can you find a monitor for the test? I have a GwtewayMy gsteway is starting to go on and off when I move the lid. I can see w350i gateway Dell logo when the laptop first boots. What do you think it might be? Try replacing the inverter board first. So I was moving the monitor around quite a bit to fix the screw. I have a Dell W350i gateway