Handling all that media is a snap with our 6TB drive. Boost your PC storage with WD Blue drives, the brand designed just for desktop and all-in-one PCs with a variety of storage capacities. Anonymous Oct 19, , Regular Price Promo Price. I’d tend towards the black for just about any use, but I’m impatient. What IS the difference between the colors of Caviar drives? I save a lot of photos and videos.

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Tested in Our Lab for Compatibility.

With better technology comes bigger storage needs. Mousemonkey Jan 29,1: WD Functional Integrity Testing.

These benchmarks also stress NCQ Native Command Queuing capabilities and use scaled loads western digital caviar blue from a queue depth of 1 to Storage size of western digital caviar blue to 4TB is best for users who take lots of photos and videos with their smartphone and want to confidently back up or have a copy of their data.

Handling all that media is a snap with our 6TB drive. Western Digital offers an advanced replacement program with its hard drives; they will cross-ship a weatern drive with a credit card hold. So for games black is best? Then what does the black offer over the blue?

Craig Mar western digital caviar blue,6: Which capacity is recommended for gaming? Give your desktop a performance and storage boost when you combine your hard drive with an SSD to maximize speed of data access and a WD Blue drive for up to 6TB of additional capacity. Caviar Black 64mb Cache 6. The back of the drive has SATA and power connections in addition to four jumper pins.

WD Caviar Blue | WD Support

Our toll-free customer support lines are here to help or you can access our WD Support site for additional details. I’ve been under the impression it is primarily the power consumption but I have to assume there are other things as well.

Acronis True Image WD Edition software, available western digital caviar blue a free download, can clone drives and backup your operating system, applications, settings and all of western digital caviar blue data. With legendary reliability, WD Dugital drives are designed, tested and built to last, dugital ships with a 2-year limited warranty.

WD Blue PC Mobile Hard Drive

For storage only; green drive? Notice the 3TB drives take the cake in this, indicating a westeen platter density corresponds with better read performance.

Western Digital Product Page. Get reliability and capacity for your current and near-future needs.

Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB Review (WD10EALX) | – Storage Reviews

In this trace we recorded 2,MB being written to the drive and 1,MB being read. WD Blue storage is tested and recommended for use in notebooks, external enclosures and digitxl industrial applications. These features allow for a more rigid structure without degrading performance western digital caviar blue increasing power consumption.

Another westernn is that the smooth bottom of the circuit board promotes superior airflow; this can be important in the confinement of a cramped desktop case, especially if it sits next to other hard drives.

The Black is optimized for performance at the expense of noise and power consumption, the blue is a general use drive, designed to be a good balance of performance, power consumption, and noise, and the green western digital caviar blue designed to use as little power and make as little noise as possible at the expense of performance.

Despite its second-to-last place finish, the WD10EALX would still be a good choice for an everyday hard drive — as the rest of the benchmarks have western digital caviar blue, its performance is quite respectable in nearly all scenarios for a 1TB drive.

Those looking for a longer warranty period should step up to the Caviar Black series, which offer a five-year best in class.

Caviar Blue vs Green vs Black

This testing ensures our products consistently meet the highest quality and reliability standards of western digital caviar blue WD brand. Jumpers are almost never used in modern hard drives; Western Digital does not say anything about their functionality. Looking at the drive’s reported specifications in CrystalDiskInfo shows 32MB of cache, meaning Western Digital could just be using western digital caviar blue larger chip cheaper in volume digiital and not utilizing the entire amount.

The trace captures the heavy read activity of each game loading from the cxviar, as well as textures as the game progresses. Which capacity is recommended? WD Blue hard drives offer high capacities for your desktop PC.